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  • Promote energy savings by letting shoppers compare appliances with a New Energy Rating
  • 4M consumers used Enervee Energy Rating & Score in 2018
  • We provide a scientific method to rate appliances and to encourage consumers to save energy
  • Studies have shown that consumers using the Enervee Score have purchased appliances up to 20% more efficient than the market average
  • Drive cost effective savings on 20+ categories: appliances, electronics & smart home products
  • With a TRC of up to 2.67, utilities using Enervee have boosted energy savings without scaling their budget for rebates
  • Utilities using Enervee have delivered an impressive 4¢ per kWh gross 1st year savings



The Enervee Choice Engine for PG&E won the 2019 AESP Energy Award.

Cost Effective



First PUC filings show excellent cost effectiveness with TRC as high as 2.67.

No Rebates

The Enervee Score nudges shoppers to buy top efficient products.

Cost Effective and Award Winning 

Hear from PG&E's Sue Norris and Todd Malinick of Research Into Action about this next gen residential EE program.

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Designed to help consumers make more efficient choices.

Daily updates of prices and user reviews from leading retailers.

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Our unique 0-100 energy efficiency rating  for 20+ product categories.

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The world's best utilities are using Enervee Choice Engines® to scale energy savings and engage their customers.

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"The way to influence people to purchase the right thing by leveraging how people think, shop and behave."

Todd Malinick, PhD

Research Into Action

"This is important ...the largest amount of savings came from non-rebated products alone."

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