Your Next Gen EE Program.

Pilot our Choice Engine® and nudge your customers to buy more efficient products, without incentives.

Cost Effective Energy Savings at Scale.

Sue Norris, PG&E


The Enervee Choice Engine for PG&E won the 2019 AESP Energy Award.

Cost Effective



First PUC filings show excellent cost effectiveness with TRC as high as 2.67.

Massive Scale

The Enervee Score nudges shoppers to buy top efficient products.

Upgrade your EE beyond lighting.

Unique Features

The Enervee Choice Engine is designed to help consumers make more efficient choices.

Daily updates of prices and user reviews from leading retailers.

Retailers & Reviews

Our unique 0-100 energy efficiency rating  for 20+ product categories.

Enervee Score

User-specifc true cost of ownership and energy savings.

ClearCost and YouSave

Shoppers are notified when prices drop on top efficient products.

Price Alerts

The world's best utilities are using the Enervee Choice Engine to scale energy savings and engage their customers.

You'll be in innovative company.

Susan Norris


"The way to influence people to purchase the right thing by leveraging how people think, shop and behave."

Todd Malinick, PhD

Research Into Action

"This is important ...the largest amount of savings came from non-rebated products alone."

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